I’ve been asked about some advice about how to take photos of horses or other animals. Here are a few tips.

Day old chestnut Icelandic horse foal yawning

*Get close enough, you don’t want that barn or 2000 square meters of grass in your photo, you want the horse!

*Take as many photos as you can. Animals move, they blink, they stand in strange positions. You want to snap  that perfect moment, and believe me, it doesn’t often happen on your first shot.

*To get perfect images of moving horses move your camera with the horses in focus and snap away. If you have a camera that allows continuous shooting (burst mode), use that feature, your finger isn’t fast enough. Or train your sense of rhythm, look at the legs and click at exactly the right moment. Takes a lot of practice…

*Have an assistant. Someone who can get the horses to run, or to look curiously at a rustling bag. You need to look through your camera!

*If you can afford it, buy a camera that doesn’t take forever to let you press the button. You will want instant action.

*Remember where the light is coming from. Backlit images can be creative and fun, but don’t forget to shoot some with the sun behind you – without your shadow in the picture, though.

*Black horses can be difficult, you’ll need to dial down the cameras exposure time, or the black horse will become grey, and the rest of the image overexposed. Or use a flash, even in broad daylight.

*Try black and white, especially if you have cluttered backgrounds with lots of colours.

*Did I mention get close enough?




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